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With a performance model based on a policy of proximity and the creation of a relationship of trust, at TFERFI we are committed to respond to the needs of our customers’, designing and installing large-scale and structuring projects in the country. With a special preference for sustainable project, implementation of efficient energy systems for lighting, generation and transportation of electricity as well as others such as construction of public buildings. We specialise in laying, railway lines and roads, airports and airport buildings and harbors and port infrastructures, among others. Additionally, to contribute to sustainable development, optimizing the consumption of energy resources and improving people’s well-being. At TFERFI we always try to be at the forefront at the technological level, through active collaboration with suppliers and reference partners worldwide. As a result, this guarantees the offer of solutions that comply with the most rigorous quality standards and that allows us to add value to our projects. With the experience gained over several years of work, which is reflected in the commitment and hard work put into each of the projects that forms part of our portfolio, we believe that TFERFI will soon deserve your trust.

Projection and Activity

The last few years have been dedicated to building a solid base that allows us to look to the future with confidence. The knowledge of the country and the survey of energy needs was an important step, that is where we began. With a constant focus on increasing renewable energy in the country, we propose to make available to all citizens, the best non-polluting energy alternatives available on the market.


Our mission is to collaborate in protecting the environment, controlling GHG emissions and other factors, increasing the use of renewable energy. Powering economic growth by reducing conventional energy consumption. Reduce energy dependence and consequently free up means spent on energy consumption, thus increasing the quality of life. Increase companies’ competitiveness by proposing investment solutions or promoting  knowledge of good energy practices.


To be a reference company, at national level, and a relevant element in the business world, with merit and excellence in a technology-based innovation and transfer of knowledge and technology with a special focus on the area of renewable energies.


        ·         Sustainability

        ·         Environment

        ·         Innovation

        ·         Efficiency

        ·         Excellence


Development and management of several structural and nationwide projects in Angola (headquarters) as well as other African countries, with a special focus on renewable energies (Photovoltaic) energy efficiency, Agriculture, Construction of Buildings with energy and environmental concerns, Public Transportation, among other structures.