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InMonitor is a device that monitors and does online communication in real time.

It has 12 inputs for external current sensors (10-500 A) and 3 simple voltage inputs (231 V), allowing you to monitor up to 12 single-phase loads, 4 three-phase loads with 3 current readings per load or 6 three-phase loads with 2 current readings per load.
InMonitor’s acquisition rate its 1 kHz. The effective and the active power values are calculated by digital integration with an integration period of 100 ms (5 cycles of a 50 Hz wave). The data recording period is from 1 to 30 minutes. The values recorded correspond to their average over the registration period.


TFERFI represents this product in Angola.

If you want to know more about InMonitor, visit OPTISIGMA.



Check here how to install this device without the need of a technician.

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In terms of Controllers and Inverters, we work with EPEVER

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