Services provided

The TFERFI team has developed, in the last few years, project development expertise from the technical, logistical or financial component, gathering around it a consortium of specialized partners who are involved whenever necessary. The conception and study of a large-scale project require arduous and rigorous preparation, and it is essential for its success to involve high-level partners in the most diverse aspects.


Perhaps the greatest differentiating factor of TFERFI is its ability to develop projects in different types of environments, often adverse, a characteristic acquired over the years of experience of its professionals.


TFERFI has specialized professionals for the provision of construction inspection services in several areas, from Civil Construction, Public Works, as well as technical consultancy in special installations such as water, sewage, electricity, central vacuum, CCTV and communications networks. Based on the experience of participating in projects, we count on our special expertise in renewable energies, environmental sustainability, with special attention to photovoltaic energy.


TFERFI operates transversely in all phases of the process, including design and optimization, civil construction, electrical installation, transport and assembly of solar panels. The flexibility and scope of our services, allows us to respond affirmatively to the most demanding challenges, offering turnkey solutions.


Public lighting is used throughout the night, which means heavy consumption. In this sense, TFERFI brought together partners with high knowledge and holders of the best technology to develop the best solutions. In this regard, we present the most different solutions for public roads, public spaces, gardens, parks and decorative lighting. Autonomous lighting poles, with various height configurations and luminaires available. It consists of a shaft (in iron or wood), a light, photovoltaic panels, batteries, load regulation and a lighting control system. The shaft can be between 3 and 10 meters high. It allows a range of 3 to 5 days, with a daily use of 12 hours. The panels, batteries and charge regulator are calculated according to the installation location, the type of use and the operating conditions (temperature and humidity).



Our consultancy in Energy Efficiency concerns the rational use of energy. It consists of guiding our customers to use energy as efficiently as possible to obtain a certain result, resulting in significant savings in energy consumption, for this it is essential to use electrical devices that consume as little as possible. “LED” (Light-Emitting Diode), which has a much higher luminous efficiency per unit of energy consumed. TFERFI excels in using renewable energies as an energy source to ensure electricity needs, but also for heating and heating domestic hot water is also a measure of Energy Efficiency, as it decisively contributes to the reduction of consumption of fuel energy which is much more polluting.


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